A brief History

A modern private school with its roots in 1771


The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen has had a ballet school since 1771 and is one of the only companies in the world with a ballet school and academic department housed in the same theatre building. In addition to their education as dancers, students receive a scholastic education on a par with an elementary school.  

If the student continues as a ballet apprentice, he or she will receive a Higher Preparatory Examination in cooperation with Falkonergårdens Gymnasium and Team Danmark.

It is a unique experience to be a student in a world of music, dance, and movement - with homework, costumes, and adventure and with training, rehearsals, and performances.  Learning to be a ballet dancer is an education filled with opportunities and can in some cases be a lifelong decision.  

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense was founded in 2002.  The school was started in cooperation with Odense Municipality, Odense Theatre, and The Royal Danish Theatre.  

One could say that we at the Ballet School teach the same steps as we did 200 years ago. But here end the similarities. Today, the Ballet School is a modern private school and culuture institution with an elite dance profile, that offers a unique education in modern dance and classical ballet in an innovative environment where dance, culture and academics meet. 

A School Under Devemopment 

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense is under development; a development that means that we have a close, constructive, and creative cooperation with diverse cultural institutions and performance production companies. This cooperation means that we have students who participate in diverse productions at Odense Theatre, in cooperation with Odense Municipality, Teater Momentum, The Royal Danish Theatre, H.C. Andersen Festival, Odense Symphony and many more.  This is considered a part of their education and their participation is always without pay.  

Read more about out partners here (in Danish)

We are currently working on:

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense has its own youth company

The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School, Odense physical location follows the development of the school.  The school should present itself as classical yet in a modern form.  

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